Alternative Energies house hookup?

I was wondering if there is a name for a specific term.  I want to create a wind or water turbine using old PC fans and rectifier diodes (which i have successfully done before).  I intend to create many of these and hopefully hook them to my house which is currently still on the main grid.  But i was wondering this.  Is there a way that i can hook up the output wires from the diodes (where the useful energy comes from) to a battery bank (which i have also created) and then make it so that when those are full, it supplies the extra occasional energy from the wind turbine, to any part of the house that might need it? and then when the power goes out the batteries kick in?
  If not, is there a way i can make it so the batteries will fully charge off the wind turbine, then when fully charged, they will kick in and supply power to part of my house until they run out, and then allow it to switch back to the main grid while the wind tubines recharge the batteries? I have a large house so i know that my house can never be completely 24/7 dependant on wind/solar/water power.

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jbaker225 years ago
So you are tying to make your fans be a trickle charger for a battery to be a like a backup generator?
Gamingfield (author)  jbaker225 years ago
I want to be able to hook them up to charge the battery bank and when thats fully charged switch over and dump the extra small amount its generating into the house, however little it may be. And to be able to turn on the battery bank at will.
how much are you willing to spend on this?you can power a toaster or a light bulb, otherwise you need an inverter.
rickharris5 years ago
You need an inverter - to make the DC into household AC current.

You need a control system to control the charging of the batteries because the wind generators give an output proportional to the wind speed.

Looking at most wind turbines I will be surprised if you get more than a very moderate amount of power from PC fans - Most wind turbines use large propeller blades to provide a substantial level of power to the generator.

POWER is what your looking for Volts x Amps = Power (WATTS)

If your kettle needs 1,000 watts to make it boil (this should be marked on the bottom) then that is what you need to supply at the wind generator end - if fact a little more because the system will not be loss free.

If you PC fan is 12 volts then to produce 1,000 watts you need to generate 83.3 amps!!! That's a LOT.

Gamingfield (author)  rickharris5 years ago
well i know a single fan wouldnt do a lot. My theory was actually to use upwards of 20-30 fans hooked together in a large grid. Will this make it more likely? and i was thinking about the idea for the generator type hookup bwrussell mentioned but i have heard that can cost thousands to hook up.
Back to what I originally said - You need an inverter - It changes low voltage DC from the battery into the AC voltage your house uses.

IT WILL cost quite a lot because of the high current used.

Added to which even 20 or 30 PC fans are not going to generate a lot of power.

Check the current they consume it will give you an indication of what they may supply.

Even getting them to turn fast enough will need a substantial wind.

It's all about POWER - Watts.
bwrussell5 years ago
As rickharris points out you will probably struggle to produce the kind of power you need for this to be remotely effective flowing directly into the house mains. It would be like pouring a water bottle into the Mississippi.
You could hook it directly to something, like a porch light or something and build a system that switched between mains and battery as needed. This also means you don't have to invert the current from the batteries, if you still have incandescents, because they run on both AC and DC.

Ignoring the feasibility, you can have a plug installed by your breaker that connects to the entire house and that supplements or replaces the power coming from the power company. These are the same plugs that you would plug a generator into when the power goes out.