Alternative Ideas for Kitchen worktop?

I have to put new worktops into my kitchen and would like some alternative ideas for a worktop using any type of material?

Tiles and Concrete are not an option, any other ideas?

Thank you :)

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welshwaters (author) 7 years ago
Thank you for all your great ideas :) I have three work surfaces to cover and will probably opt for the solid wood solution as this suits my decor best. Thanks again to all :)
Re-design7 years ago
This works great. It's a little work but lasts for a long time.
aeray7 years ago
Plastic laminate in easy and cheap, just stay away from the patterns that are trying to be something else (like fake wood, or fake stone). If you go the butcher block route, look for workshop-specific tops, as they are usually identical to "kitchen" tops and significantly cheaper.
onrust7 years ago
I once mounted a kitchen sink in a shopping cart. This would free up more counter space for you.
l8nite7 years ago
Do you mean the entire countertops or just the primary work areas ? There is a large selection in both natural and manmade countertops to chose from and a lot of your choice is going to depend on the cupboards and other interior design clues as well as what kind of cooking you do or intend to do. Personally I would include a large wood chopping block area regardless of the type of counter in the rest of the room.
Gorfram7 years ago
Me, I'd proabaly think I wanted wooden "butcher block" counter all around, but would wind getting the best quality solid-surface plastic that I could afford.

Stainless steel is great until you get one litte rust spot; or you leave somthing that's too salty sitting on it for too long, creating a not-so-little rust spot.
Stainless steel is always a good option. Gazillions of professional chefs can't all be wrong.