Alternative ways to create a one-way mirror?


I'm creating a video installation with rear-projection. I want the viewer to see his reflection and the projection so I was thinking of half-silvering Mylar or acetate to create a screen. I also thought of mixing aluminum powder with a clear medium and painting it on however, no luck finding that in Canada. 

My only issue with silvering the screen is that it is so large (10x5ft) that I don't know how to go about heating it up when I pour the solution over it. 

Looking for suggestions for other materials as well as solutions to these issues. Thanks!

petercd2 years ago

You could try making your own aluminum powder using tinfoil in a ball mill.

Good for fireworks, bad for reflective properties.

For big areas you can also use tintin foil for windows, it is available as a mirror foil as well.

rickharris2 years ago

a simple sheet of glass will give a good reflection and allow back projection - peppers ghost-

For semi silvering try removing the paint on the back of a mirror with pain remover - then score the silver with a sharp blade at regular intervals - this produces a sort of half silvered effect.