do you know what's an alternative to the mold and cast materials like resin and any other stuff I mean if you can list any alternatives for those

Paige Russell8 months ago

Hi FigureCreator200X,

What are you trying to make? Knowing that will make it easier for me to make material suggestions.

FigureCreator200X (author)  Paige Russell8 months ago
I mean, currently I'm not making anything .. yet . But I mean. I don't have resin or any complicated stuff. But what I could make are Toy Base Molds and Casts or something
What are some things I can use to like still replace it... ( sorry if my questions make no sense )

Hi again!

A good, inexpensive mold making material in plaster (I show you how to mix it in Lesson5). You could press air dry or oven bake clay into the molds. You could also press polymer clay (FIMO) into the molds and bake the casts - this is the closest thing to plastic without having to mix or buy fancier materials.

Another inexpensive mold making option, is using a homemade version of Sugru using bathroom style silicone mixed with a couple of other things to make a silicone putty that can be molded around models. Here's a great instructable on how to make that:

I hope this helps!