Am I on some kind of "watch-list"?

I posted an innocent question
And a Forum topic
Yet they haven't turned up... yet


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Re-design8 years ago
I have recently had a discussion with an administrator and the problem is the if a question is 5 words or less it HAS to be looked at by a human.  Some times a human may not get a chance to look at the question for 48 hours or so.  Even then is may be shelved as one of my was as Spam.  Which is was not.
And your first link goes nowhere for me.
lemonie (author)  Re-design8 years ago
I have more than 5 words in each, I re-edited  this one, though there should not have been any need for it.

I'm sorry I meant in the title.  Not the question body.
lemonie (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Oh right, I'll remember that.

Koosie8 years ago
Same thing happened to me, I posted a question that got lost in the void :-<
I haven't had a question go missing yet, but I've had several (totally innocuous) comments on people's Instructables wind up in the bit-bucket of mystery.
Me too, Me too. This site does have its (unfair) share of weird little bugs. Ever tried to logout and login as another user  ? Sometimes takes three attempts.
sounds ilke a possible cookie or cache problem to me.
seandogue8 years ago
time to don the tin cap ? ;)

probably got hit by the oh so annoying data miner  "spam filter"

And yes, I would think a hawk would trip their collective. That is, if I was a bread fat goose, I'd be nervous if there was a hungry hawk nearby, just as the incident with the lady *may have inadvertently done. (her exclamation might have startled the sentry, which in turn resulted in a mass move by the group).
lemonie (author)  seandogue8 years ago
The woman was foolishly trying to hand-feed one of these hungry/greedy & aggressive critters - that wasn't it. But maybe they do have an instinct to react to predators regardless of size?

frollard8 years ago
If its of any help - I've never had/noticed any such happenings...

lol@tags "crappy system"