Am I phsycic?

I've never really believed in the whole phsycic thing, but I have an open mind and I'm starting to wonder. every now and then, I will see something, be it a word, sentence, picture, or sign before I see it for real. It happens with completely random thing I have never seen before. I also get feeling that tell me to do or not do something, and they are almost always right. It can be anything, such as not to bro g a toolbox because I felt that it would work out, and I got one for free, to bringing a screwdriver to school just in time to fix a loose microphone. So, am I mildly phsycic? If I am, are there any sort of exercises to help me phocus or develop my ability. Any help is appreciated.

B.F.L.M8 years ago
there can be a number of explanations for what you are experiencing: 1)Premonition: Def. #2: anticipation of an event without conscious reason 2)You could be developing a "randomly choose to be prepared" conscious 3)Psychic abilities 4)You could also be developing a mind that thinks EXTREMLY logical (subconsciously) 5)You might have seen some of these things before, when you were really young 6)You may be going mad!!1 (just kidding) lol as you may notice, there are many explinations, even more than the ones i have listed, i hope i answered somthing :) (or at least opened up some more possibilities ) :)
XOIIO (author)  B.F.L.M8 years ago
I think your right about thinking logically. I make a consious effort to think and act logically, and apply it to the simplest things such as walking around the house. If there are no better explanations soon you will get the best answer
and7barton8 years ago
I seriously doubt that you are. If you were you'd surely be able to actually SPELL it. It's PSYCHIC. "Phsycic" would be pronounced "Fizzy - kick". Sorry if I seem pedantic, but I'm not. and "Phocus" is correctly spelt - FOCUS. and what does "Bro g" mean ?