An RF cat collar to keep dog away wearing its PetSafe invisible fence collar

I have a pup that will not stop chasing my cat. I cannot find a product on the market that would have an RF transmitter on a cat's collar so that the unit on the pup's collar would receive a correction upon coming close to the cat. There MUST be a way to make a hack! 

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rickharris10 months ago

The cat should be able to sort the puppy out who likely only wants to play. As said train the dog/cat

A friend of mine got an electric collar for his barking dog and was impressed how well it worked.
Dog barks, dog yelps and goes hiding.
So just for fun we put the collar on the owner when he dozed off after a beer too much...
Let's just say they work really well on do owners too, making them jump really high even when sleeping, the snoring stopped right away.
Downside was the loud swearing that started right after and got interrupted by another collar attempt to stop the noise.
Collar ended in the bin and the dog stopped barking after someone actually bothered to pay the poor thing some attention.

I strongly suggest that everyone thinking a shock collar to stop barking is a good idea to test it yourself.
If your neck thinks it is great fun when the collar activates then your dog will be fine, if you start using words your kids should not hear and your head makes a hole in the ceiling when you jump up you might want to reconsider using it on your dog ;)

A dog that constantly barks and has behaviour problems is still a good dog, it just has an owner with a lack of knowledge :)

iceng Downunder35m10 months ago

Our is set low such that he still barks now and then but no longer follows people around the corner of our acre lot...

Downunder35m iceng10 months ago

I wish all dog lovers would put that much work into training their best friend.
One of the people around me have a russian sheep or whatever dog.
Massive in size and hair like Rasta man himself.
Despite size friendly as but once daddy is on his truck for a week or longer noone is strong enough to take the dog for a walk.
Once bored enough he starts barking at everything that moves along the fence line.
For some weird reason he never barks for me, although it might have something to do with the treats hiding in my pocket ;)

Bribing does also work with our Moyen but he is smart and may decide to bark just to be bribed to stop....

seandogue10 months ago

Unless you are "one of those" who has his cat declawed, she or he will work things out with the dog, or you chose incorrectly in the breed and size of dog that you brought home and should rethink the adoption if you indeed care about your feline pet.

iceng seandogue9 months ago


Back in the UK, a vet will be struck off for declawing a cat. Here it seems they make a lot of money from it. And it makes cats that prefer to bite....

iceng10 months ago

About collars;

We have a 5 yr old black Moyen size overly intelligent Poodle.

Multiple training schools, immediately correcting warning it (was a him) before, nor have sound collars worked. When outside he barks through the fence (which he could jump anytime) at people walking by we call him to stop and he looks at us thinks about what to do and resumes barking....

The only thing that ever works is an electric bark collar....

iceng10 months ago

Cat will learn not to run soon game over...

Agree with the other comments, training the dog properly is the best option. Any form of correctional collar is a negative training method, use a positive reinforcement method instead. Also, correctional collars that use electric shock are illegal in some countries, the audible correction collar would problably equally distress the cat, and a water spray collar would just be messy indoors.

Downunder35m10 months ago

The other option would be to just train the dog....