Another variations (Tomahawk, Porter)?

I'd like to add that besides cowboy cut when comes from the upper part and with bigger part of bone is also called tomahawk.

Also when T-Bone steak comes with more meat in it is also called Porter.
These differences can be tricky and might confuse to some.

I've heard that in Argentina its very popular a steak called "Churrasco", I would like to know how to ask for it or which other names it has.


mikeasaurus2 months ago

There's so many cuts of meat, and different regions/countries have colloquial names which adds another layer of confusion. For this introductory class I tried to keep things to some common tasty cuts, and used the most widely used name to keep things identifiable.

From my cursory investigation, it looks like Churrasco is the term for any grilled meats, not a specific cut. Maybe someone who lives where this is a thing can elaborate more. :)