Any tips and tricks for a paper round?

I'm starting a paper round soon, any tips or tricks?

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Kiteman6 years ago
  • Don't climb or jump over fences or hedges.
  • Do make sure the paper goes all the way into the letterbox.
  • Between houses, keep the flap down on your sack to stop the papers getting damp.
  • Close gates behind you if they were closed as you arrived.
  • At least smile and nod at your customers, say "morning" if you can. Give a friendly wave if they see you through the window.
  • If you have elderly customers, keep a watch on them - if you can see their mat through a glass door, and it has the same post lying on it from one day to the next, knock on the door to check they're OK. If you get no answer, ask your newsagent to give them a ring. If you are sure they are in, but get no answer, ask your local police to check on them.
  • In the run-up to Christmas, include a slip of paper in with each delivery that says "Merry Christmas from Nutrition Man". If you are going on holiday, add a similar slip that says so, and say when you will be back to continue the service they have been getting.

All of this list will make your job harder, but it will also mean you get a much better reference from your employer when you move on to a different job, and increases the chance of tips, especially at Christmas.
rharris126 years ago
I have a 126-customer round. I didnt want to do it cause it was my brothers round. I only get 5-10 pounds max. Please could somene give me some tips to make my round easier? If so I would be incredubly grateful :)
NatNoBrains (author)  rharris126 years ago
126? £10?
Wow, I do 30 a day, all days but Sunday and get £12!

where i work i do 300 papers and get £7 i a being riped off

Im 12 and I'm in australia. I do 200 houses once a week and get 70 dollars so thats around 40 pound.

Yes definitely I do 359 and get 35.90 a week. 10p a paper!

I am a paper girl, and I do 400 for $10-$20 but it depends how much papers they give me, how do use carry all your papers? I bring several bags and trolleys but I can't carry them all so I do one lot then I go home get the next lot and do those ones, it's so tiring. And I have to do it straight after school

rharris126 years ago
always get them done as soon as you get the papers. Do NOT leave till last minute!!!!!!
Around here If it is for a local paper you can get a paper trolley from your distributer, if they don't supply one then get hold of one or build one, belive me it makes a real difference especially when you have loads of leaflets to go in the papers.
If you do have a trolly don't leave it in a place where it may block the footpath, this is particularly annoying for people with pushchairs or in mobility scooters.
If you can fold your papers & insert any leaflets before you go out to deliver, once you get into a rythmn it only takes a short time & makes life so much easier particularly when it is windy and raining.
Look out for signs or notices asking for free papers NOT to be delivered, my four sons all had paper rounds & kept a list available all the time with addresses that didn't want free papers.
It is also worth keeping an eye out for empty homes that suddenly become re-occupied it only takes a minute to knock & introduce yourself to the new occupier.
If you are going on holiday get someone you trust to cover your round for you while you are away & if possible take them out on your round with you a couple of times so they are familiar with it.
If like mine a house has no letter box in the door but a post box on the wall don't leave the papers sticking out of it arrange a place with the occupier where you can leave the papers for them.
Never cut across gardens or over fences.
Always close the gate.
Be polite, good manners cost you nothing & will make a real difference to your relationship with your customers.
It is always nice to get a tip at Christmas time but remember not everybody can afford it these days so try not to be too dissapointed if you don't get one from some of your customers.
Good luck with it I hope it works out well for you.
orksecurity6 years ago
Assuming you're a kid -- adults running a paper route strikes me as a perversion of nature -- Deliver promptly, deliver reliably, collect cheerfully, ask your customers to recommend you to their neighbors, and if you have time and are feeling brave knock on doors and ask folks if they'd like to subscribe.

(I had an 80-customer route when I was a kid, after two adjacent routes got folded into mine. It paid most of the cost of a stereo system...)
I agree.

and when or if they don't want to pay or keep putting you off get your father to help you collect. That was my biggest problem.

Now where I live all the paper routes are handled by adults. They've combined them into 600-1000 papers each day.
Re that last: Yeah. Drives me crazy. I feel an obligation to "pay back" and support kids who are making the effort -- but somehow I have trouble finding sympathy for the twenty-something who's doing this by car.

I never had all that much trouble collecting. If they didn't pay, I stopped delivering, but didn't stop ringing the bell every day. Generally they wanted the paper enough, and wanted me to stop annoying them enough that they paid up.