Any Tips? Ball Area

I Want to know how you make the what i call ball areas like "knexrule100" sky rail on youtube and ones like it but i carnt seem to gt the chainlift quite right and im not sure what rod colour tower it should buld it with ( link to video >>>

i DIDDNT make this this is a example of what i would like to build (video)

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Any Tips? Ball Area: Don't stick them in a vice
fwjs288 years ago
hahaha, when looking at the question, it says Any tips? Ball Area....thehehehehe i though you might have an issue with your man jewels ;P
Tom Buckey (author)  fwjs288 years ago
hehehe now looking at it yes but why would i ask it in knex?
true...but just a quick glance makes me
haha XD!!!!!!!!!!!! I just looked at this and was thinking the same thing!!! HAHA!
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
You can look at this instructable on how to make a ball machine. It is really good. Here is also a guide to ball machine elements. Hope this Helps!
Tom Buckey (author)  Mr. Stealth8 years ago
yeah i took a look at them but didnt realy seems to help anyway
Tom Buckey (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
i was ment to add thanks on the end
Probably red, but i dont know