Any automatic cat doors triggered by the cat's I.D. chip?

Has anyone made an automatic cat door that works by reading the cat's embedded I.D. chip?

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Yes, I've seen amateur projects that CAN read the cat's RFID tag implant. There are unfortnately a couple of competing standards for the protocol on the tags. There is a European standard, ISO 11784/11785 FDX-B which means if you are in Europe, you can probably do it, without having to interrogate your vet first. The US system is proprietary.

This is a UK commercial system

orksecurity7 years ago
By the embedded chip? No.

By a tag that hangs on the collar? Yes, commercially available.

Then there was the character who was trying to develop an image-controlled version that would only let his cat into the house if it wasn't bringing him a present...
Enricommuter (author)  orksecurity7 years ago

Of course, I want to do this so that other cats will not get in the house, only ours.  Facial recognition for the kitteh?  Yes!  I think I can maybe hook up an extra Macbook Pro to the door or something. 
No, seriously, it looks like I might explore "A very simple proximity detector" in the Related column on this page.

Thanks for the response!

Jayefuu7 years ago
The trouble with the embedded chips they use for cat identification at the vets (is this what you meant by using the embedded ID?) is that they're very small passive RFID chips with low range. These are usually somewhere on the cat's back, you really want the RFID chip to be as close to the cat door as possible, like hanging from their collar.
Enricommuter (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
We have tried putting collars on our cat.  She has always managed to throw them off, so a collar-mounted RFID chip would not work.  Thanks for the info!
Why not use a regular cat door ?

Rfid chips etc are too Complicated for cats !
Enricommuter (author)  stephenniall7 years ago
I don't want other cats to come in the house.  Using an RFID chip would allow (theoretically) only our cat in.  We can't keep a collar on our cat.  She always finds some way to take them off, so a collar-mounted RFID would just collect dust under the house. 
lemonie7 years ago
Not that I know of. It would be an expensive job.