Any decent good hot glue guns for beginners?

I'm looking into getting a hot glue gun, but every one that I see has a number of critical reviews that worry me ;).
This is my first time getting a glue gun so I want something that I can control easily. As I couldn't decide which ones were actually good, I thought I would just ask a question here because I'm sure most people over here would have some experience with a glue gun.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,



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Jack A Lopez2 months ago

At the risk of repeating myself... this hot glue gun,

AdTech(r) Two Temp, Hot Glue Gun, is the same same as the one I have.

I bought it a few years ago, I think, and I have not broken it yet. Although, truthfully, I do not use it all that often, maybe once a month.

super_me (author)  Jack A Lopez2 months ago

Ummm, in the UK?

Ummm, you didn't mention you're in the UK. Not in the text of the question. Not in the tags. Not in your profile info, I don't think...

I mean, I've never heard of "Wild Space", or the "Outer Rim". Are those towns in the United Kingdom?


iceng2 months ago

Hey super, it lets posts stick here now !

This was my $5.50 wonder at a fabric store... And like you Seamster I have a more expensive model.. Except that one has a larger bore and dual temperature feature..

Thanks again for restoring my email or I would never have picked up here :-)

GlueGun loTemp.jpg
super_me (author)  iceng2 months ago

do you have a link?

iceng super_me2 months ago
seamster2 months ago

I've used a lot of hot glue guns over the years. For basic craft projects, my kids and I have a couple of these low temp glue guns:

They're pretty cheap and work great.

For more industrial types of uses, I have the AdTech Pro 200 which is a high temp glue gun. I quite love it, but it's much more pricey.

super_me (author)  seamster2 months ago

Do you have one that might work in between? for small and some large-ish projects?

seamster super_me2 months ago

There look like a lot of great options there. Honestly you probably won't go wrong with any number of those.

super_me (author) 2 months ago

Sorry i should have mentioned - something i can find in the UK...

I'm currently using a cheap and cheerful Stanley 0-GR15 15 watt 7mm glue-gun, but I'm considering changing to the TEC 305 or the TEC 806 12mm.

super_me (author)  ThirdEarthDesign2 months ago

ill have a look at that one...