Any good cheap roleplaying games?

I like D&D 4th Edition, I also play Microlite 20 and Dungeon Squad, both have free rules online, but can anyone give me a game with cheap cost that has advanced miniature warfare. I play these games with four other people, not including me. We use cardboard tokens and printed dungeon grids/maps, and recently clay/wooden figures I make and paint. Axis and Allies, which I currently do not own, is the type of warfare that would be appropriated, or Warhammer 40K (which I also do not own), but these games do not have the adventure to it. No story telling, no heros fighting the ferocious dragon of ungodly and unpronounceable name to save the maiden. What game (supplement rules or characters is nice) has miniature warfare and story-like qualities such as D&D without the cost?

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Kiteman6 years ago
Dinowars rules should suffice.
dcummins815 years ago
I'm sure you have alreadly started playing a game, but if you are interested Tunnels and Trolls (almost as old as D&D) is only 15 if you buy the pdf ver online. it plays like D D but is much easier to learn and req a whole lot less math.
lucek5 years ago
Savageworl all the way. Great combat system. Perfect for minis. A handful or an army. And the core book is $10 not to mention the free test drive rules.
lucek lucek5 years ago
Harold Hill5 years ago
Risus, the anything RPG:
D&D 2nd edition, the best