Any good dremel alternatives?


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blkhawk7 years ago
Check Harbor Freight, they have a rotary tool that will work as well.
seamster7 years ago
I have a Black and Decker RTX that I got at Walmart for about $25. It has a variable speed range from 12,000 to 30,000. I purchased a set of Dremel brand accessories for my specific needs separately (all Dremel accessories fit this tool).

I really like it and find if more ergonomical than all the Dremels I've used. And it was not very expensive.
pantaz seamster7 years ago
I've had an RTX for about  three years. Works great, and most of the Dremel attachments fit -- just unscrew the gray collar from the RTX. (I had to modify the router attachment slightly.)

One caveat, the motor brushes are NOT replaceable. My RTX began sputtering, and now barely runs at all. I opened it up and so far can't find a way to remove the brushes without destroying the retainers.

I'm looking at the Proxxon as a possible replacement. Brushless motor, ball bearing spindle. But, I really like the Dremel router attachment, which will not fit the Proxxon, and they do not offer anything similar.
klee27x7 years ago
I like Proxxon. The spindle on the Proxxon tools are almost twice as long and twice the diameter of a basic Dremel's spindle. This is one reason they have less runout, vibration, and noise.
lemonie7 years ago
For doing what?