Any good magazines for Makers?

Aside from the blatantly obvious Make, of course, what intelligent magazines are available for DIYers and those otherwise interested in a wide array of intellectual pursuits?

I've been looking at things like Nuts and Volts, Circuit Cellar, Pop Sci., and Smithsonian. Any other suggestions?

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randofo8 years ago
If you can find it, there is a Japanese magazine called "Otona no Kagaku" which translates into roughly "science for adults". Not being able to read Japanese, I can't understand a darn thing in the magazine, but the pictures and illustrations are super-cool and they come with a nifty science kit. Mine had a mini LED wind turbine. Because of the kit, it is a little pricey.
I have got Ready Made for about a year. I really like it and enjoy it. I believe you can get a cheaper deal on the subscription through Check it out, it's good shizz
Coffeebot (author)  cerberustugowar8 years ago
I've been looking at it; the articles on their website were a little lacking, but that might be their way of teasing you into subscribing. I'll give them a good look :)
Bookdemon8 years ago
This is a great one!
2600 if you have the patience for a quarterly
Coffeebot (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I got fed up with them a few years back. They got too political and "fight the man" for my taste. And it was too subversive, imo. Have they gotten better since 2003?
Well, the latest issue seems to keep politics to a minimum. The cover is sort of a good-riddance message to the Bush administration, but I can't recall anything of the sort in the articles this quarter. As for subversiveness, consider that they're a general-purpose hacking organization that dates from the heyday of Phreaking and the counter-culture that went with it. The magazine does a good job of staying white-hat (or at least grey), but they're still hackers. If you're not afraid of labels that warn of litigation if you peel them away, you might not be afraid to voice your opinions about the political landscape.
Coffeebot (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I may have to give it another go-around (I intend to spend some time at Barnes & Noble flipping through the magazines).

When I started reading 2600 in the mid 90s, it was a great "here are some ideas" mag, with a few editorials/opinion pieces. But in the 2000s, while the whole Kevin Mitnick thing DMCA, and CSS garbage were going down, they really started writing a prolific amount of opinion pieces that I felt were insanely negative and riddled with "the man is keeping us down". Of course, it may have always been that way, and I just started noticing it as I "grew up" and moved away from my anti-social, easily impressionable and anti-establishment ways. Hell, half the reason I read it way back when was simply for the fact that it said "hacker" on the cover! Though, I do frequently go back and read The Conscience of a Hacker every now and again, because it described my high school years perfectly, a decade before I was *in* high school :)

But, all that to say, I'll check it out again!