Any good vegetarian substitute for meat fish and egg

Any good vegetarian substitute for meat fish and egg.I mean tastewise.Am a new veggie and cant forget the taste.

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First, you should try seasoning your TVP, tofu, or mushrooms in the same way that you used to season your animal products. Close your eyes, and you might not notice the difference.

But if you really want a meaty flavor, free glutamate and other bits of fully-digested protein are your friends.

  • Probably your cheapest solution, on a per-meal basis, would be to buy pure glutamate (Aji-no-moto is a common brand that is extracted from bacteria-fermented sugar or starch. I found a large package for a few dollars in a Hispanic food store.)
  • Yeast flakes are rather pricey ($8 per pound at my local health food store and twice that on Ebay) but are also a good choice.
  • Soy sauce and vegetable bouillon paste are not such a good deal per meal (and usually quite high in sodium), but much cheaper per container.
  • Canned tomato paste is cheap (a little goes a long way) and has a hint of savory too.
Of course if you are willing to eat cheese, some good Parmesan would go a long way to satisfying that craving for savory flavors.
hishealer7 years ago
Check out a book I recently found, Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss.  There is a companion cookbook too with recipes for soy and nut substitutes for all those.  He gave up all dairy and meat because of fear of disease, and raised a family on these substitutes.  He did this, btw, in 1940ish before we had tofu in every grocery store.
utupiar8 years ago
Seitan is a good substitute. But variation is the best. Try seitan, tofu, soya, beans, etc.

Here how to make seitan at home:

cheap and easy!!!
amar55in (author) 8 years ago
Thanks"NobodyInParticular" ( I do not know ur real name.) U solved my probs buddy.
Try beef, salmon, and chicken eggs. Best stuff on planet earth.
jtobako8 years ago
I hear that any vegetarian is a good substitute for meat... If there was a tasty substitute for meat, more people would be willing to become vegetarian. You have to either face up to the fact that your body is programed to like high-energy foods or blame the conspiracy of ultra-vegans who are keeping the movement pure by suppressing any good tasting substitutes for meat : )