Any ideas for a good short film?

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I'm working on a short film for a self-determined 4-H project. I'm thinking of doin an intense 10 minute action movie. You might want to check it out, just have:
Romantic Interests
Intense Dialogue (anger)
A few comedic insults/barbs at the adversarie's intelligence/skills
NikonDork8 years ago
I think this is gonna be my token answer from now on for detail-less questions asked like this one. *Ahem*, here goes: Step 1: Take a deep breath, and step back from the keyboard. Step 2: Close your eyes, and exhale that deep breath you just took. Step 3: Now use your thought process and visualize the problem you need assistance with. Step 4: Now take note off all the details - even the small ones (more about this later) Step 5: Finally, with all those ideas still fresh in your head, reapproach your keyboard and put those ideas/concepts in your post or question. Remember those small details? Yeah don't leave them out.
I think that this one has to be a bit detail-less...he wants to make a short film, but has no ideas for a story, so this question is essentially a virtual brainstorming room. That said, a few details would be nice, like if it is for a school project, just for the heck of it, etc. The general length would also be nice.
kelseymh8 years ago
Here's an idea. Think about some simple plot that you enjoy (The Quest, Boy Meets Gender-Appropriate-Partner, Defeating the Monster). Now visualize different kinds of people (let's call them "characters") participating in that plot. Start writing down what you visualize: what do the people look like? how are they behaving? what does the environment (let's call it the "scene") around them look like? what are they saying? As you do this, visualize the people in your plot revealing some or all of their personalities through their actions and speech (let's call it "dialogue"). Write that down, too. Eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, the activities of the people you are visualizing will reach some sort of resolution or conclusion. At that point, stop writing.
PKTraceur8 years ago
Zombies of course! -PKT
Chicken22098 years ago
tons, thanks for asking :)