Any ideas for a safe, portable and relatively easy 60's style light show for stage?

Y'know, something like the colorful gyrating psychedelic oil-blobby light shows. Sometimes referred to as "liquid light". Think Jefferson Airplane or early Pink Floyd kinda stuff. I'd like to be able to do something like this for when my band plays, so ideally it'll be safe (don't want another Great White incident), portable and relatively easy to set up and let it do it's thing. Thanks!

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randofo8 years ago
My thoughts would be colored oil (or similar) in a crystal clear plastic water container. Stick it on top of an overhead projector like they have in a classroom and get someone to shake the oil around a bit. The heat from the projector might even inspire the oil to move a little on its own. Or, perhaps you can stick some sort of air compressor tube into the rig to agitate the water and send nifty little bubbles floating into the mix
Actual clock faces, of different diameters, placed in over/under concentric fashion make the most awesome & manipulable oil/water effects. After all,it's REAL oil + water (!) Really, its like you are playing an instrument in itself.

try for a good how-to section.
knoif25 (author)  randofo8 years ago
Thanks! I know back in the day they did something very similiar to this, with the oil and the projector and all. I guess I'm picturing something more compact and discreet, so that it won't get knocked over by rowdy concert patrons! I'm going to look into modifying some existing spot lights or something along those lines, maybe a lava lamp-spot light hybrid!
I've posted a reply about liquid shows under "light shows"...pretty good info on how to do a liquid show w clock faces et al.
oldrockin18 years ago
Chauvet has a keliedescope rotating effect light (& many other styles) that is pretty cool projected on a wall or dance floor is pretty cool. is a good site. With everything going LED you can get the old style pretty reasonable on clearance(got mine 2 for 1 deal) or ,on ebay, Hope this helps,Good Luck !