Any ideas for metal crutches?

I seem to have accumulated several crutches. I would like to find a way to use them. Any ideas?

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Re-design7 years ago
Donate them to goodwill etc. so someone who needs them can get them.
.  Most excellent idea. There should be a non-profit that can put them to good use in most areas.
YES , take them to trift store or salvatin army. it is really hard trying to find 6' tall crutches.
shepard17 years ago
Plant them! Use them to help hold up plants in the garden.
A friend of mine used to make tripods out of them, for telescopes, and for other things.
onrust7 years ago
I took mine to the scrap yard.......I can't help myself!
  Before I did I notices a 26" front bike tire would fit where the handle goes.  The pin that holds the handle fit the quick release.
  It would make a good "light weight" bike trailer and I'd break that.  Then it went to the scrap yard.