Any ideas for what to do with an old vacuum cleaner?

OK, my wife bought a new vacuum cleaner today and I assumed that meant that she would like me to create something out of our old one. Doe s anyone have any good ideas besides a hovercraft? Keep it simple, because I'm a beginner. Maybe a jetpack or something? Seriously though there must be something interesting that can be made from all those parts.

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Definitely a hovercraft. Search the site for some plans. There are several good instructables on the topic.
rickharris8 years ago
Wiggin8 years ago
Create a backpack mounted bug catcher. I read about a guy who turned one into a device to suck wasps from under his porch
phredrik (author)  Wiggin8 years ago
That sounds pretty cool, I'm allergic to bees so I do look for ways to even the playing field...
lemonie8 years ago
I did this
Great for blowing fires / forges

phredrik (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks, good idea.