Any ideas on making a tricycle? They're impossible/expensive to buy in Ireland and I wobble with shopping on my bike!

I don't do many miles in my car and hate using it for the four mile round trip to the village shop for green reasons but I'm in a very hilly area of South Co. Sligo (north-west part of the Republic of Ireland) and even using baskets on the front and back of my bike, it's positively scarey! Any ideas on, for instance, using two old bikes to make one tricycle? Thanks!

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2nup3505 years ago
also look at bmx side hacks, that design takes very little tubing and is tailor made for shopping, just stick a box in the monkey position
Phil B8 years ago
Beginning with two old bikes sounds like the right course. To make a tricycle attachment for the rear stays of a conventional bicycle has some design and production difficulties to overcome. A really simple solution would be to fasten two bicycles next to one another about three feet apart. Make an "X" frame brace to go between the inside rear seat stays. Make a spacer bar to go between the headset posts. The "X" frame and the spacer could even be made of wood. "U" bolt clamps could be used to fasten things together so there would be no need for welding. Fix a four or six inch bar to each handlebar. These bars should point forward. Connect them with a tie rod so both front wheels turn in concert. Ride one bike and attach baskets to the other for your cargo.
janmcevoy (author)  Phil B8 years ago
Thanks a million -thatš Irish for thankyou - Phil B and everybody else who responded. Given me something to think about. Definitely like Philš idea of making a four-wheel bike. Gave me the idea of using both the seat uprights to make a bench seat joining the two too. Will send pics if I get it finished!
would adding a trailer to put your shopping in be of any help/ I was wondering if you could rig something up with an old modified pram?
jeff-o8 years ago
Visit They have plans to build many different trikes. You'll need an angle grinder, a drill, and a welder to build most of the models.
rickharris8 years ago
Research Human Powered vehicles - HPV - or recumbent bikes on the web - you will find plenty of instructions for trikes.
Phil B8 years ago
I wish to add some things to my first response to your question. You mentioned your part of Ireland is hilly. You could make the bike on which you actually sit a better bike with multiple gears. Make the other bike any old inexpensive bike, but not too heavy. If no one will ever be riding your four-wheel bike with you, you could remove anything on the second bike you do not need to reduce weight (seat, pedals, chain, fenders). Make it a bike for a man and you can hang baskets on the top tube of the frame from both sides. When I wrote of the front wheels turning in concert, I meant turning as to go around a corner. Both front wheels will already turn in concert in regard to rotation about the axles. Two bikes side-by-side as I have described and attached with "U" bolt clamps from the hardware store would allow you to switch back to a single bike after just a few minutes of work with a wrench. I hope the term "seat stays" is not unfamiliar. It refers to the frame tubes running from just below your seat to the slot where the rear axle slides into the frame. By inner seat stays I meant the right seat stay on the left side bike and the left seat stay on the right side bike. The headset post is the frame tube through which the fork extends and in which the fork turns back and forth when you stear a bike.