Any ideas to help teach a novice?

Currently I am working on a "lesson plan" to start teaching my brother about electronics. I have moderate skills, and would consider myself a jack-of-most-trades. What I am trying to say, is that I would like suggestions of instructables here that would be good to begin teaching a novice. The fields he wants to learn are computers, general electronics, and robotics. Though he is open minded, and would be willing to stray from those three things. Also, the maximum price per project would have to be AT or BELOW fifty (50) US dollars.

Thank you for your time fellow makers. :)?

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ajoyraman5 years ago
Check this out:

I would value your comments
Kiteman6 years ago
Start with the Guides.
rickharris6 years ago
Does he wish to know enough to build things from published projects - or know how it works, the first is possible without the second wwhich can come later.

Important skills - Lear to solder - practice!

Get some bread board and a few components to practice quickly

If computing is going to be the thing them look at the various PIC microprocessor system out there

Basic stamp

etc - All easily searchable on Google. Also many sites have much web based information to help beginners.
iceng6 years ago
Go to a collage book store buy a Schaum's Outline for your subjects
and teach it to your brother. They are the preeminent lesson plans.

I still refer to mine now and then.    A

orksecurity6 years ago
I'd suggest websearching. You can probably find a fair number of basic electronics lesson plans out there... (I know you can find college-level courses at places like MIT's Open Courseware site; not sure about more basic and immediately-practical stuff.)