Any instructables on makeing catfish floaters?

I would like to make 9",10"and 11" slide type floaters for night fishing.

clzfishing7 years ago
Why don't you get a regular bobber ( the ones that have the long tips and springs on it to hold the line) and get a glow stick ( the smallest you can find ) and tape or rubber band it to the bobber.
An Villain7 years ago
spear a pen through a polystyrene sphere and paint the whole thing orange/chartreuse, slip onto your line and cast out, don't forget the swivel above it (by above i mean between the rod and the float) to reduce line twist and to provide a stop for it.
Re-design8 years ago
Are you talking about "Jug lines"? I think you talking about jug lines. Where I used to live we would just tie stout lines to plasic milk bottles or anykind of plastic bottle that had a tight lid. Then tie hooks to the other end of the line. Hang some bait on that hook and toss um in the creek, pond , lake or what ever body of water you're fishin in. For catfish the lines should be long enough to reach bottom. If the bait just hangs off the bottom you don't know what you're gonna get. I was fishin like this once in a big farm pond using shrimp for bait and caught a 4.5 lb. large mouth bass. You should check the fishin regulations where ever you are because there are some places where this is illegal and it might cost you more than you think. If this is not what you were talking about well then - nevermind. Good luck.
Kiteman8 years ago
If the search box fails you (top-right of every page, try leaving "catfish" out of your search, though), then why not make some floats yourself and posting your own Instructable for others to follow?