Any options besides Tumblr?

I am going through this project to learn it for myself, so that I can lead Middle School students through with some newly acquired RPi 3s. I do not know much about them. Our network filter at school, blocks Tumblr, classifying it as "porn." Are there other options? Is there a possibility of printing pictures to a printer, instantly? Thanks.

bekathwia1 month ago

This class does not offer other examples besides Tumblr, sorry. There are other options you can explore on your own, for sure! Posting to a local site or one within the school is one option (as you learned here already), and also investigate python modules for connecting to other APIs, perhaps something like wordpress is allowed?

jscampbe011 month ago

For my daughters wedding, my (future) son-in-law and I designed a photobooth. He used Apache to create a web server on the RPi. We were able to reduce the output power of the wifi to lower the coverage area. When the picture was taken it would assign a number to the sequence of pictures. The user was then able to enter the website using the code and download their pictures. At the end of the day, my daughter and son-in-law were able to download the pictures for their memory book. We were also able to email picture to those who chose not to download them.