Any really good image quality micro cam? Is it possible to use a cracked smartphone have the camera work independently?

I am looking for the best quality smallest camera possible for a helmet build. I have Galaxy S8 phone which is cracked, but it has great 4k recording. I have seen a bunch of small pinhole/spy cameras, but they shoot terrible image quality. Most smart phones will blow them away with image quality. So is it possible to dissect a smartphone and have the camera work with a 3rd party controller or similar? If not, does anyone know of any very small cameras/builds with good image quality?

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rickharris3 months ago

There are a bunch of ready made "sports or action" cameras out there made for your purpose.

Several will do full 1080P HD images - good enough for broadcast.

Using a phone camera isn't an option because removing it from the phone you loose the driver circuitry and software.

A raspberry pi camera gives good 720P results in a small package if something like a gopro is beyond budget.

Zebrahski (author)  rickharris3 months ago

While there are a lot of action cameras that even have 4k, unfortunately they are a little big for the area I need to fit the camera. I might end up seeing about disassembling one and and seeing if I can get it to fit without the housing.

-max- Zebrahski2 months ago

I bought a mobius camera (1080p30) a while back for $75 for a quadcopter. It's smaller than the goPro, and the image quality is more than acceptable in good lighting conditions, if you are willing to deal with some fisheye distortion.

There are a lot of keychain cameras that can produce 720P resolution:

is actually 1080P so HD

iceng rickharris3 months ago

+1 Gopro