Any reccomendations for a homemade cat bath solution?

My cat always smells like its own poop and i give it just water baths, it doesnt mind them. I haven't been able to go to my local pet store recently because it is closed for fire damage (don't worry the animals all got out) and I was wodering if there was a cheaper alternative to store-bought. 

orksecurity8 years ago
If the cat smells bad, then either you're oversensitive or the cat is ill or the cat is being mistreated. Assuming it isn't the last, I'd suggest asking your vet.

Baby shampoo is *probably* safe, but again, I would ask your vet. Cats are sensitive to some things we aren't.
RedneckAsian (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
she eats healthy and is not mistreated at all
Note too that nontoxic dry powders, massaged into the fur and then brushed/combed out again, can be a decent "dry cleaning" approach. Cornstarch ought to be safe, I think. Again, your vet can probably give you suggestions.
use soap