Any recipes and tips for soapless/glycerineless personal grooming products? Multiple questions to follow...

Background to the problem:
I have a big problem with fragrances and it's getting worse.  I've been able to find scent-free personal grooming products in the past, but the community I live in now has none!  Some of the local stores volunteered to special-order a few products, but were unable to find any from their vendors.  In other words, I am stuck with two choices.  Make my own or buy online.
I am choosing to make my own, in order to save myself shipping cost and to be sure I don't have to wait 6-8 weeks to wash my hair.  The added benefit is knowing exactly what goes into it.

The problem:
I'm convinced I can do better than traditional soap.  I'm not scared of the lye and fats but I'd have to order all of the soapmaking stuff online, which still forces me to rely on the mail.  I'm very much intrigued by soapwort.  I've also heard of flaxseed-based hair wash.  From what I've heard, soapless alternatives present me with an option that's usually easier to produce and with locally available ingredients.

What I already know is next-to-nothing.  I want all the tips and recipes I can find.  Most of what I've googled so-far has been 2-3 line "recipes" with only ingredients and no actual instruction on what to do with it or how to use it.  The only recipe I'm actually familiar with involves oil, lemon and an egg, for washing and conditioning hair but that doesn't keep well and it costs you an egg each time.

The questions:
Any recipes for interesting soapless, glycerineless "shampoos," body washes, hand "soaps," etc?

Anyone know how of other cultures which use soapless products predominately and how they do it?

Any good recipes for other personal items besides cleansers such as deodorant and moisturizer?

Any tips for making these home-made products last longer in room-temperature storage?

How do I reduce the costs but still keep my goal of being scent-free and soapless?

I've never used flaxseed, will hair wash made from it have a strong smell?  Does it keep well?

Can anyone using similar products tell me their experience with it?

DELETED_GuardianFox (author) 7 years ago
Replying to record and add some info and thoughts.  Still seeking more answers!!!

It doesn't answer many of my questions, but I found a lot of related information here:


The lists include a few personal care home-made alternatives for some things, but more importantly it lists fragrance-free and less-toxic products for dozens of different common items. 

After trying the dollar-store salt-crystal deodorant, I have to say it works!  It does not (cannot) stop perspiration, but that's a job for an antiperspirant.  If you wear deodorant regularly and not antiperspirant, something like this could be great for you. 
shortone7 years ago
I am very very limited in making body products, but i really recommend this site: http://www.thesage.com/
it has great prices for ingredients if you do stoop to buying online, but even better yet, it has an AWESOME recipe section with accurate measurements that you might enjoy looking through.
Good luck!