Any recipes to make out of a pumpkin?

Any recipes to make out of a pumpkin?

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milapji7 years ago
LOTS OF PUMPKING recipes :-)    http://www.freerecipeforum.com/search.php?searchid=517  check here
Re-design7 years ago
Did you take a look at those over on the right?

How about these?
Well, obviously this Guest didn't do either of those things. That would be much more work and effort than waiting for the rest of us to do it for him/her/it.

,Oooh, wups, my sarcasm is showing....
Z.. kelseymh7 years ago
No; your superiority and arrogance is showing, because you are a clever man.

As seandogue says, they won't see the right hand column until they post the question. Yes!! I DO know the informationis there if we look for it, and then again, there are masses of sites with pumpkin recipes, and on most everything else. It isn't a Federal offence to ask here though is it?

Someone asked a question is all. No big deal.
kelseymh Z..7 years ago
I suggest you follow the Answers for a few weeks, then come back here. As the most egregious example, try reading this topic, and in particular count the number of identical questions asked in the link posted there.
Z.. kelseymh7 years ago
And I suggest that an obviously highly intelligent human being like yourself gets of his high horse and and stops his totally unnecessary condescension.

I repeat: it is not a Federal offence to ask a question. It is surely beneath your intellect to resort to so-called 'sarcasm'?

I could be wrong.....

And don't attempt to teach me how to navigate this site. Just try to be an equal part of this community, as you are in this world.

That might be hard to come to terms with, but it's true.

I should add that whatever 'flagging' is,-it would be more valid if aimed at cause and not effect.

Just thought I'd add that, because I'm unsure whether being a "Pro" carries special advantages.

orksecurity7 years ago
Pumpkin cheesecake. (Thought the recipe I've used starts with canned pumpkin, I can't see any reason fresh wouldn't work.) Roast salted pumpkin seeds.