Any recommendations for portable 12v batteries?

Could you recommend a 12v battery that is:
- light weight
- 6Ah or more
- quick charging
- long lasting
- preferably comes with a mains charger.

Will be used to power a portable audio system.

BTW: Anyone have experience with such suspicious looking solutions as ?

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suhajdab (author) 6 years ago
Has anyone ever heard of Yingshita Technology co?
Found some larger capacity lithium batteries on their site, but don't know if they can be trusted...
I have ordered and tested the YSD-12900 Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack and it does not meet the specification as listed by the manufacture. On a fully charged battery pack I put a 500 ma load on the battery and it was depleted within 6 hours time. I should have gotton18 hours with that load.
I ran this test 4 times with the same results. The battery pack does not meet spec and I would not reccomend using it for equipment that has a heavy ciurrent draw
suhajdab (author)  Matrix 15 years ago
Sounded too good to be true... :(
Thanks for the info!
That would have to be a battery pack or lithium battery.
suhajdab (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
Thanks for the tip!
Would you also have any recommendation / experience with a particular brand / make?
Sorry I can't help you there.