Any suggestions for turning a MIDI file into a dog barking?

I know the Casio SK-5 keyboard had a dog bark sampling, but I can't find any other keyboard that does, nor do I still have my Casio SK-5... I'm open to ideas/suggestions.  The easist way would be using a program like Garage Band to switch the instrument, and to have a sampling of a dog bark, but I don't know if this is possible or not.

seandoyle3 years ago
I think what you might be asking is for how to generate a sampling of dog barks that samples (say) an octave or two so that you can use the keyboard to play music with the barks? That's what I'm interested in - the advice I have so far is to get a wide range of dog barks and then adjust the frequency of the barks to be on the scale. I've not done it (yet) but I've googled around and it seems that there are no options outside of the SK-5 or making one's own.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I haven't used Garageband that much, although I have it. I know you can drag and drop almost any type of sound file into it and select from a ton of different instruments and beats, and then record to a new file... So is it possible to work a dog barking sound into it? I would think so... I've dragged in whole songs, so a simple dog bark track should be pretty easy to do, and repeat however many times you need for what you are doing. (I hope that answered your question). :-)
You want a keyboard to play a sound of a dog barking on a keypress? That's easy. There are free programs that can do it for you - a google search should turn them up nicely. :p