Any thoughts on aerogels?

I want to make some aerogel, but I need it to be relatively cheap.

kelseymh6 years ago
What research have you already done on aerogel fabrication? Which part of the process is the most expensive to you?
furrysalamander (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I don't know, I think they are friggin awesome and would be cool to have some, but don't have any cash at all (my entire summer income was $50)
Yes, aerogel is extremely awesome, and has some truly bizarre properties. We use it in high energy physics detectors to measure the velocities of subatomic particles, for example.

Then I would say you need to do some basic research, in order to understand what you're asking before you waste time from experts for something that is impossible under your conditions.

You could type "aerogel" into Google, or into Wikipedia, and get some really nice links to good technical information.
Did you know you need a high pressure autoclave to remove the alcohol and wash it with liquid carbon dioxide ?

There's a reason why aerogels are often made inside concrete blockhouses. I can't imagine why.....