Any tips on shopping effectively at a flea market(see details)?

I am looking to buying a bass and, or guitar amp. And any  tips on buying other things like an eletric guitar or acoustic... or instruments for my band (Drums, guitar,etc.)

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Re-design7 years ago
Do some homework before going or better yet take a phone with internet capabilities so you can check going prices for used equipment.

No matter how much you like that shiny used guitar there is no excuse for paying retail for it because you just didn't know the value.
framistan7 years ago
arrive EARLY to flea markets.  They sell most of their stuff before LUNCHTIME... and by 2pm they are closing up... thats my experience here in the St. Louis Missouri area.  I suspect they are the same everywhere.
tjbtcb17 (author)  framistan7 years ago
Yes our flea markets are the same
Play everything. If you're not able to plug in and play, pass.
tjbtcb17 (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
I can't bring my guitar with me? and i don't know if the person will have a guitar with them... It would be nice if they did though cuz then i could do a pacage deal with em (=