Any use for peacock feathers?

How can I use them other than displaying them in a vase or using the "eyes" in the plume when making earrings?

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DIYWEAPONS2 years ago

they are good for fishing waggler floats

Kiteman7 years ago
display behind the glass of a picture frame?

Tickle various sensitive areas of a willing partner...?
Bet there ain't an 'ible for that
You need an ible for that? ;-)

Quite the ible, and sure to be a hit.. 
Hat decoration? Decorating other things?  Pretty much anything you'd do with a flower, other than growing it or eating it...

I've seen some gorgeous work done by an artist who paints on feathers and other objects rather than on canvas... but that requires a lot of skill, not least in matching the image to the substrate so they enhance each other rather than clashing with each other.

Vegas showgirl costume?
Dang...if you were running Vegas, I might go there...

only one feather I hope
 If you really like getting on peoples nerves, you can tickle somebody with it .

sazmam7 years ago
stick loads to gether to make a fan or a parosol
caarntedd7 years ago
A tail for a bald peacock?
acidbass7 years ago
 well my mom puts them in a vase and they look really good but they are good for earrings and decoration and since they are so long they are good for sleep over pranks
seandogue7 years ago
I can think of only one...You need some patchoulli incense, a pinkfloyd album, some blacklight posters (and of course a black light) and a hookah.
Koosie7 years ago
What about a dreamcatcher.  Mine's got foul feather's dangling from it.  Peacock feathers would look good.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Quill pen.
Keeping Peacocks warm ?