Any way to use this mobile cb radio indoors?

A friend gave this to me but I don't have a car, any way to convert it to AC current to use indoors?

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harry885 years ago
No idea but I just wanted to say I have the same radio.
This brings back memorys. Me and a friend used to just hook one up in his dads garage and use an old car battery. We would use a battery charger to keep the batt charged when it got low. Good times. Have fun with it.
iceng6 years ago
Nice picture. Uniden is easy on 12VDC power. You don't sound like you have much experience with electricity or you would know a computer supply has spare 12V connectors easy to use.

I read you like flea markets. That's where you can buy a 12V DC supply about 2 or 3 amps and use that to run your CB. A
orksecurity6 years ago
The radio will have a power connector, probably on its back panel. You need to provide 12VDC across those terminals, making sure you get the two terminals hooked up correctly. (The radio *may* be protected against a backward connection, but don't bet on it.)

There are Instructables which describe how to use a PC power supply as a stand-alone power supply. Or you can get a 12V supply from someplace like Radio Shack.

You will also, of course, have to supply a suitable antenna. The same kind of antenna you'd use when mounting this in a car will work.
Vyger6 years ago
An old computer power supply provides 12 volts. You can get outside antennas for these also which is much better than trying to use an inside antenna.
buffysissy1 (author)  Vyger6 years ago
Any way you could give me instructions on how to hook that up, the power supply that is. Thanks.