Anybody have a neat Halloween costume idea... cheap?

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seanpbell6 years ago
check out the yip yip indstructables
A bunch of grapes. I know you're not a dog. But everyone likes grapes, right?
wilcurt7 years ago
Anything with ducktape!
grooooovy (author)  wilcurt7 years ago
do you have any suggestions for ducktape costumes? Besides a knight in shining armor?
AndyGadget7 years ago
You could have had the answer to this an hour ago if you'd used the Instructables SEARCH box.
grooooovy (author)  AndyGadget7 years ago
lemonie7 years ago

How about a "scary-ghost" (sheet, scissors = cheap) For neat, you'd have to make it look like Cartman.


Better be careful when doing that costume in some places, could get you killed!

(That was the original joke) but it's still an idea for cheap & easy.

noahh7 years ago
Get a piece of cardboard, write "CEILINGS ROCK" on it, then get a white T shirt and write "GO CEILINGS" in Sharpie on it, and voilà, you're ceiling fan!
acidbass7 years ago
hhmmm you could do the usuall and do ghostbuster,pilot,star wars, transformer,superhero, skeleton, why dont you try to be original one year i dressed up in a pair of jeans and a pretty cool t-shirt and i said my costume was a teen dude costume most costume ideas have been taken already I would do a new mad hatter costume this year but i am going to be out of town
woodshow7 years ago
You could do a duct tape costume. My friend and I did duct tape dresses and duct tape is pretty cheap. We also made top hats and shoes and bags and jewelry the whole shabang.