Anybody know of a instant screenshot program?

I know there is 'print screen', but this is quite annoying, because you have to manually paste the picture into Power point, then save it as a picture. I would like to know a way so that when I print screen,  the computer automatically saves the picture in My Pictures. Does anyone know of a device/plugin/software that does this? If so, give me a link? 

Much appreciated, Mike.

MostWanted2 years ago
use hyper desktop..
the best !

its also automatically upload to imgurl .ready for share.
james42 years ago
FireShot. its an app for Google chrome.I suggest you use Google chrome because it is fast and you can have apps and stuff on it.So I just use Fireshot.
DB20163 years ago
You could use Jing, it's not exactly what you meant but it's convenient. It's a desktop icon that stays on top of all your web browsers (ha-ha, don't EVEN say it, DJ) so you can always capture your screen, or a selection.
seandogue3 years ago
I've been using printkey since...gads, since forever now I guess...maybe 1990-something...the last installment I think is/was Printkey2000. It's standalone, so no need for a browser.
iceng seandogue3 years ago
Aww.... I have to exit my browser first ? :-(
Can it do selections like this ?

seandogue iceng3 years ago
Exit browser? why? it runs in the background once fired up. And I don't need to have Firefox running to use it, which imo is a blessing. Firefox has become an unstable program I'd rather avoid whenever possible. The only reason I still have it is for testing purposes while developing web content
iceng seandogue3 years ago
Ill look into it ,
seandogue iceng3 years ago
And yes, kevin, just for the record, it can do that.
knexfreak953 years ago
iceng3 years ago
Screen Grab part of Firefox.  See the pic example below...   A
TheFoofinator (author)  iceng3 years ago
Will it capture certain windows and save the image into a folder?
Yes... Exactly ! A
TheFoofinator (author)  iceng3 years ago
Even outside the browser? I'll try it
rickharris3 years ago
If your using win 7 you already have a programme loaded called "Snipping tool." You may need to search for it.