Anybody w/ a star wars costume idea for a female?

My brother is being commander cody for halloween and I want to follow to suit(cheeky, i know).  Any ideas are much welcomed;).

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mando_jtt6 years ago
WE welcome female bounty hunters...
orksecurity6 years ago
No reason a woman can't be a soldier, pilot, engineer, bounty hunter, or anything else in the Star Wars universe. So if you don't feel like playing one of the known female characters, and don't feel like playing across gender, you've got plenty of opportunity to figure out what the women doing these jobs would wear, and/or what the female of the species looks like.

One competition costume I've seen took Darth Maul as its starting point and introduced us to his even more deadly sister, Shopping Maul. (Which, outside of the name, was a good job of extending Darth Maul's dramatic coloring to more of the body and coming up with an appropriate-looking set of fighting gear.)
iceng5 years ago
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onrust6 years ago
Yeah. Slave Leia.  Sure it's been done before, but that's no reason it can't be done again. ;-)
It's been done too often, as a recent humor video pointed out. A bit more creativity is a Good Thing.

How about Leia in her bounty-hunter disguise from a few scenes before this one?
The video in question:
Kiteman6 years ago
Get a pair of ear-muffs, remove the fur and glue on a pair of croissants...
If you are fairly crafty, make a tie-fighter pilot's uniform, spray paint it pink and where a blond wig. "Tie-Fighter Barbie!!!" I don't want to imply that if a woman is a fighter pilot she has to be Barbie-like, I just think it would be hilarious and get a really positive reaction from those who see it. Is this for a convention? DragonCon maybe?
jeff-o6 years ago
Be Padme Amidala (sp?)

You pick the outfit!
frollard6 years ago
Depending on body type:

Any of the scantily clad female characters...
Any of the well clad female characters...
Jabba the hutt...