Anyone can tell me what's the smallest acutator/(stepper-)motor for angle of about ~45° ?

Was just a fixed idea and i'm not really into electronics yet, but i wondered, if it was possible to make bigger panels with tiny motors that move metal stripes/chips to form shifting shapes. Maybe just think of iron man's self-mounting armor or fish swarms for example, but in a smaller way, say as tiny as possible, but affordable (hehe).

vivian20125 years ago
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rickharris5 years ago
Muscle wire (shape changing wire)
iceng5 years ago
And how much twisting power ( Torque ) do you need ?
This in a large part decides the size and weight of
a stepping motor you see....

Luziviech (author)  iceng5 years ago
i won't need much power. First I'd use tiny metal scales, i got from chainmail, aluminium, 1,5x1x0,5cm (maybe half a gram?) and if it works, i'd continue with slightly bigger parts of maybe 10mg max, i guess.