Anyone ever heard of Monkey Byte's "Zulu Assault"?

I am trying to find the full version of an old game called "Zulu Assault", by eGames, Monkey Byte, and Arrowhead Interactive, for Windows 98/95. Unfortunately, I can't find it on, Monkey Byte now makes a bunch of weird educational games, and I can't even find Arrowhead... in short, no results. If anyone knows of a possible place where I could find this, please post it.

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FMFelipe7 years ago
I have found it in a russian site a few days ago, and I wrote a review and uploaded the full version of Zulu Assault in my site:

My site is in spanish, but the game is in english. At the final of the article, in the orange buttons is the download. The two first links are mirrors of the 1.2 version (full) and the third is the demo version.

Enjoy it!

(Sorry for my basic and poor english)
El Mano (author)  FMFelipe7 years ago
Su gramatica no es una problema. Muchas gracias, se*N-Con-Tilde*or. Yo buscaba este juego por mucho tiempo. No puedo usar los torrentes (Si es una palabra?) y usted me ayudo' mucho. Gracias. doesnt seem to work with the first or second link. FMFelipe, please try to fix this
FMFelipe6 years ago
Link fixed. Enjoy it :)
Burf8 years ago
I found several torrent sites that have it.
Just google "zulu assault full version download" and you can pick one.
El Mano (author)  Burf8 years ago
I tried. The only site I found used some download mirror labeled, and I could figure out how to download it. has closed down and no longer works?!