Anyone got any good ideas to help me write lyrics?

I write songs, but can never seem to write lyrics. Can anoyone help with this?

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Get a divorce, lose everything you own, get highly depressed, lose your job, dog dies, all these should get you started in country or blues
Smoke some pot, drink yourself to near death or take some pills, that's a good start on rock
Since I'm a famous songwriter, I know that sometimes we write about our experiences. I've been through many experiences myself. Did you know that Martin Kratt, the zoologist, was accidentally shot? As a songwriter, I've written songs about that tragic experience, such as, "Experience Whatever Happens." That song (now to also be known around the world), teaches us that life continues, no matter what occurs! I hope you can also write a song about another tragic experience that YOU'VE been through. Please feel free to tell me about it any time! (Remember, I'm a famous songwriter. You could always write back to me and tell all about your tragic experience, if you had one. Almost everyone has a tragic experience one in their lives. Tell that to Chris Kratt!)
That's the best answer ever!
oh i see.
musical6 years ago
Since I'm officially a famous songwriter, I think I agree with Orksecurity. The first step to great songwriting is to first create a title for your song, and make it interesting. Orksecurity, I've already written a song now to be known (and sung) all around the world, and us songwriters call it, "Nature's Got Know_How!" Anyway, Orksecurity, please remember that the best songs that us songwriters write come from our hearts. Usually we write songs to help people comprehend something, or we write songs about our experiences. I'm a famous songwriter, and that's what we do!
Burf8 years ago
Two ways, start reading and writing poetry, study grammar and and increase your vocabulary. Practice, over and over and over.
Or, find yourself a lyricist. A friend who can write poetry and is good with words. Consider some of the famous song writer, lyricist teams as examples:
Leiber and Stoller, Morrissey and Johnny Marr, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Jagger and Richards, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe and so on.
Some people just can't do both effectively. You wouldn't be the first.
 I second the suggestion to study poetry.

If someone reading the lyrics can't hear the rhythm of the words and feel the emotions they convey,  no amount of fancy musical tricks can save the song.

octopuscabbage (author)  Burf8 years ago
ill ask some of my friends.
orksecurity8 years ago
There's a lot of technical advice, but cutting to the basics of how to get started: Here are two general approaches for bootstrapping yourself.

1) Start with nonsense/free association, then muck with it until it makes sense. The Beatles song "Yesterday" started out as "Scrambled eggs". I often start with a pun, then look for something that will give me an excuse to use that pun.

2) Start by deciding what you want the song to be about. Scribble down a basic initial sketch for the story -- may just be a phrase or two, and is subject to change as the song evolves. Come up with a few starter phrases -- don't worry about whether they're good just yet -- and start scribbling down bits and pieces until  you can fit them together into verses (and, if desired, a chorus). Write more than you need. Then come back and edit -- fix the awkward phrases, discard anything that can't be fixed, reorganize bits and pieces back and forth between verses. Repeat until it comes together.

The single hardest and most important lesson is not giving up before you get fairly started.

Then practice, practice, practice... and at that point all the technical stuff starts coming in, since that's where the difference between writing a song and writing a good song lies.

3) Or, find someone who has the opposite problem, and form a composer/lyricist partnership. Not everyone is good at both; not everyone has to be.
octopuscabbage (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
Cool thanks for the idears
Bartboy8 years ago
What type of songs?
octopuscabbage (author)  Bartboy8 years ago

Grunge, Alternative, classic rock. Thosll do.

Well you need something/someone to write about.
Koosie8 years ago
Think of something, like your car, dog, cat, chair, bed, teacher, parent, celebrities, locations,  anything.  Then imagine yourself telling someone about it or describing it to him/her.

It won't be great in the beginning (I should think) but if you can write music then you can't be totally inept at writing lyrics.
frollard8 years ago
I really like the program to help come up with good rhyme words.
Re-design8 years ago
Write what you feel.