Anyone got any quick easy recipes?

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Slice of bread>Toaster>Cream Cheese>Sugar
wearingpink8 years ago
My usual not-sandwich lunch is: potatoes and carrots, cut in chunks and cooked in the microwave then add ranch, mustard, cheese, and/or pistachios ( I usually add 3 of those) and mix it up. If you have cheese microwave it for a little bit to melt it. Also: pasta is super easy and versatile. You can add oil pesto, walnuts, and spinach. Mix it up and leave it and the spinach will wilt. Or add random veggies and stuff, be creative.
canida8 years ago
Check out the Easy Recipes Guide for starters.
lemonie8 years ago
Bread + ham + mustard
ll.138 years ago
What type of recipe you're after?

or for something more savoury
Boil water in the kettle
Add to a small saucepan on the cooker
Put the cooker on about 4 (electric cooker)
drop and egg or two in the water
wait 4 minutes
take out egg
crack the shell with a teaspoon eat egg (add salt/pepper for taste)
Fill kettle with water. Bring kettle to boil. Pour water into teacup. Add tea. Wait. Enjoy.