Anyone have a pattern/instructable for a kids wooden balance bike?

I'd love to make my little guy a wooden balance bike, something like the Skuut ( But I'm a bit flummoxed as to how the front steering part works (where the handlebars intersect with the front fork). Anyone have ideas?

frollard8 years ago
looks to be a slot cut through the 'forks/handlebars' and the main body goes through that slot - then as with a regular bike, to make the axle a (likely) steel pin is inserted through the length, vertically. The wheels are wooden rounds inserted into standard metal rims and screwed through the existing spoke holes. Bearings can be any standard hub breaing - so long as it can stand the... sideways force in line with the axle...Normal bike axles are bolted together to work around this force.
that slot mentioned in the 1st paragraph of mine - it looks to be full of red...thats probably foam to prevent pinching little fingers in the gap between the body and handlebars.
Hazkat5 years ago
Better homes and gardens here in Australia just did this video
gavage7 years ago
I just made a similar bike, with razor wheels and a strap hinge.