Anyone have a simple how to for (1) LED connected to AAA battery with on/off switch?

I need to know how to build a simple single LED powered by a ( AAA battery (with housing) that is also connected to an on/off switch.

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becava8 years ago
matt3928 years ago
This one might be of assistance. It uses common parts found at Home Depot and Radio Shack:
smmiller5068 years ago
Get a small box, just a hair bigger than the battery. Or, get a little single cell battery holder from radioshack. It comes with wire leads too. Connect the short lead of the L.E.D. to the negative side of the battery (in a pinch, tape will do). Connect one side of the switch to the positive side of the battery and the other side to the positive side of the L.E.D.
DIMS (author)  smmiller5068 years ago
Thanks ! I'm actually going to use Red ... would that work ok with AAA ?
some will work quite dim some won't at all use a joule thief (see below) to amplify the voltage of the battery connect the switch inline in one of the wires that go to the battery
frollard8 years ago
Trouble posting: I try again.

You may have trouble lighting a white or blue led with a single AAA. a joule thief is easy to build - this one uses a disposable camera for parts.