Anyone have an alternate for the glass top of a patio table?

I'd like to replace it with wood or tiles but have less than 1/4" clearance.

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Why do you want to replace it ? You'll struggle to replace it with anything as stiff, in the space avaialble. You could use Aluminium sheet, but finishing it well will be tricky. 1/4" thick ply will be too floppy, if the glass is supported the way I have seen on other tables. If you've broken the glass, you can make a template, get a new one cut, and have it toughened by a good glazing suppliers. Steve
seandogue8 years ago
solar cells embedded in polyurethane!
jeff-o8 years ago
Carbon Fiber!
Re-design8 years ago
Poured in place lightweight concrete then washed to expose the aggregate makes a great table top. A granite or marble slab used for kitchen counter tops. Put photos on top of it and pour a layer of clear resin over it.
Use a piece of steel. You can use plastic too, for instance. Put ribbing underneath weaker materials for more strength.
CrawdadMan8 years ago
Centimetre wide little sections of wood weaved tightly together across it. I cannot seem to portray my mental image with any words.