Anyone have plans for building roll out chicken nesting boxes?

Nesting boxes are usually about one cubic foot.  Several hens will use the same box.  Some hens
will pick at eggs and break them.   I am looking for box plans that include a slanted box floor combined with a collection box so after an egg is laid and the hen leaves, the egg will roll into a bin.

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rickharris7 years ago
It is usually only 1 or 2 chickens that peck at the eggs, You can deter them by blowing our the contents and refilling with mustard or chilli - then replace the dummy egg where they can find it - when they peck it they will soon take a dislike to the contents.
mitch2989 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
We have tried that using black and red pepper.  The treated shells were pecked and disappeared along with fresh eggs.  The first solution was to get rid of those hens and start with a new batch of chicks.   Now these have started eating eggs.  I thought a new solution was to remove the eggs as they are layed. 
Chickens can't taste the Capisin in pepper. Use English Mustard as a deterent instead. (not even spicy brown mustard works).
Leaving eggs in the nesting box, unless under a broody hen!, is a sure way to get them pecked. Once the chicken gets a liking for egg it's hard to deter.

Mostly you are recommended to check for eggs at least twice a day and if possible 3 times.
Efitall5 years ago
You might try something like this.

Sorry for my grade-school graphic.  I'm not an architect or plans designer - I just happen to have backyard chickens and have experimented with various ways to build coups and other solutions for making managing my girls easier with a busy city lifestyle.
chicken coup egg drop.jpgchicken coup egg drop - inside.jpgchicken coup egg drop - outside.jpg
Efitall Efitall5 years ago
Forgot to add: Use a flat, washable material for the bottom of the "nest/pick-up tray" board. Astroturf works well - it's flat enough that the eggs will roll, and you can take it out and hose it off. Cut up car floor mats or smooth entryway mats would also work.
clance6 years ago
Hmmm, that is quite a specific request.  Most chicken coop plans that you will find online have simple flat floor nesting boxes because they are the easiest to build for the average beginner.  You might have to contact your local carpenter for a solution like that.
keydogstony7 years ago
Basically you have answered your own question and Re-design did as well.
You just need a slanted bottom.
Instead of hay or whatever you're using, maybe a Grass Door Mat as the bottom. You could easily wash any excrement that the Chickens may leave behind. At the back of the slant, place a barrier that would allow the eggs to roll under so the Chicken can't reach them to peck.
mitch2989 (author)  keydogstony7 years ago
I was primarily interested in searching for anyone with knowledge of the  angle for the floor of a laying box.  Commercial laying boxes have  slanted metal screen floors.  There must be some optimum angle that doesn't bother the hen and will let the egg roll free when she stands.  
Grass doormat - great idea!
Re-design7 years ago
Will a hen lay on  bare plywood.  I can't see having much luck actually getting the eggs to roll out of the nest with straw bedding in there.  Except in the cartoons.

Just build it with a slanted bottom so that the eggs roll out the back into a padded trough for collection.
lemonie7 years ago
Start here perhaps:

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