Anyone know a free safe musical synthesizer? prefereably one you can save to your computer?

Ive wanted to use one im my music but i dont really wanna spend the $$$ on one.

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seandogue8 years ago
yeah..that's right. no free lunch
octopuscabbage (author) 8 years ago

cool thanks.

Burf8 years ago
Here is a list of 113 to choose from:
octopuscabbage (author)  Burf8 years ago

or you could just tell me your personal favorite?

I would do that if I had a favorite, but since I have never had the need for one...
What I can tell is that when downloading software from Sourceforge, I read what they do to determine if it fits what I am looking for, and pick the one that has been downloaded most.
I have hit a dud a time or two but, most often I have been satisfied.
octopuscabbage (author)  Burf8 years ago
im only against it because of the fact i just got rid of a uber nasty virus.
octopuscabbage (author) 8 years ago

man if only i needed one when i was 4...