Anyone know a good ring commissioner?

Well, I've checked for people that'll make a "Latnok Ring" and they're too expensive, mainly because they don't work with stainless steel... Does anyone know a company/person that'll make me a Latnok ring for about $100-$200? Sorry if this is a repeat question, but it wasn't quite well answered... maybe this time it will.

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KariyaJ1 year ago

orksecurity6 years ago
Stainless is hard to work with and costs appropriately.

As others have suggested, compromising on a cheaper metal would be worth considering.

"Quality, Service, Price. Pick any _two_."
rickharris6 years ago
A hobbyist might just for the experience. Pewter is currently about £28 a Kg so your not going to need much. Even melt down old soda cans & use aluminium.
rickharris6 years ago
If your really desperate try looking for someone who will cast it in pewter it will cost a lot less.

Otherwise constructing from sheet material will possibly be the cheapest way a jeweller would do it.

If they are a hobby jeweller they may do it in Copper so you can get it silver plated.

try your local craft store or club/society.
For 75 quid ? Hmm.
Design it, and try Shapeways, that's the cheapest solution.