Anyone know a water tight and strong way to secure all pipes coming in and out of a contrete in ground pool?

My Dad and I will be building a pool, in ground, this summer but are worried about the water-tightness of any connect made with piping in and out of the pool.

Any ideas?

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Re-design7 years ago
I agree with L about proper plans and hints.

But to answer your question make all possible plumbing high on the wall.  The higher the better.  The water pressure high will be much less than if made down low.

I agree with what you've said, but what about basic hydraulic principles? Or was it Pascal?

Force applied (gravity?) should be transmitted equally in all directions. Or is that just for a sealed system?
Now I'm getting confused. I might JFGI myself. I'm a little slow off the mark this morning.
The deeper the water the higher the pressure.

But in a closed system pressure is transmitted very close to equally.
lemonie7 years ago

Get some proper plans and instruction - if you're not sure about one thing you may be missing something else important.

I Googled for 30s and found this, do some more of the same:

That's one hell of a swimming pool isn't it ? Steve

Yes, you can see how it justifies the domain-name & website.