Anyone know any really good PS3 games??

 i have a ps3  and want some ideas for some cool games

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frollard8 years ago
I'm a big fan of psn games:  You get 6x as many games for the price of a single blockbuster title.

Yes, they are usually smaller - but I get bored of major titles too quickly, rarely finishing them.  Little games on the other hand, if I'm wrong about liking it - I'm only out 10 bucks.

Anything pixeljunk:  Racers (good for party play), Monsters (Solo or with a partner tower defense), Eden (solo or with 3 players platforming on crack), Shooter (1 or 2 player 'run' and gun dual analog shooter).

Lumines Supernova:  try to get it when it goes on sale, 15 bucks totally worth it if you like tetris-y puzzle games.

Savage Moon:  Great tower defense game

Blast Factor:  DA Shooter

Super Stardust HD:  DA Shooter

Crash Commando  Multiplayer platformer shooter of awesome gore

Burnout Paradise, a full title with platinum, but only 30 bucks :D


All the psn eye games - they're all gimmicky, and if you dont have a room set up for it (white walls with no furniture) it's not very useful.

Little big planet 2
thatshortkid17 (author) 8 years ago
 thanks guys these are perfect
Doctor What8 years ago
 Ratchet and Clank.  

No others needed.
thatshortkid17 (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
 i have all of them theyre my favorite series ever too
If you're into RPG, Oblivion is very good. I also hear really good things about Dragon Age: Origins, although I haven't played it personally.
Batman - Arkham Asylum totally rocks if you like action games or stealth games.
Also, seconding previous suggestions for Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank and Bioshock.
i think the universal answer to this is modern warfare 2.
game has it all, and its unlimited playability factor is a plus.

jeff-o8 years ago
Little Big Planet


Metal Gear Solid 4
tulavatalo8 years ago

1# farcry 2
2# Cod 6

well it depends what you like for raceing I would recommend gran turismo 5 prologue or dirt 2. For 3d platformers Ratchet and Clank. And the best action adventure game is uncharted 2.