Anyone know anything about Radio Transmitters?Any help is Appreciated!?

 I want to build a radio transmitter that will send signals out to about 400 feet, maybe even 500 if possible, i need it to have an input jack, an run on a voltage between 3.3 volts and 12 volts. 
Does ANYONE have any ideas how to do this!

Also, if possible, can I take a iPod radio transmitter and increase the radio signal emitting strength to make it go farther that 4 feet?


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framistan8 years ago
You dont need to use RADIO... try using a LASER beam to transmit the sound !! here is an instructable on how to do it..
What are you aiming to transmit ? Audio ? Or control signals for the lights, or what  ?

The kit indicated HAS the range you want, but I am not an expert on FCC regulations for short range FM transmissions. In the UK, you'd not be permitted the ERP (effective radiated power) you are looking for to get your range.

Then again, tune it into a vacant band in your local FM broadcast spectrum, only switch it on at night, and I would doubt very much you would have a problem.

I wouldn't advocate rolling your own, build a kit.

led235 (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
 Hi, i just want to transmit music.
Use the solution Marsh suggested then, with my caveats.
led235 (author) 8 years ago
 i guess i will have to make it about 200 feet then.
Marsh8 years ago
 If you want to use the FM broadcast band, this kit will do what you want for about $20.00.
lemonie Marsh8 years ago
W/ref licences - the instructions warn that the use of that kit (range much less than 400 feet) may be illegal, which is true for that band.

merseyless8 years ago
what your planning to do is ILLEGAL unless you own the proper licensing to do it. if you do, get back to me and i can get you some plans.
led235 (author) 8 years ago
 Well, i want to take the properties of the Christmas Light Displays, and I will be putting an estimated 2,500 lights o our Pool Seawall, that backs up to the lake, I get complements and thank you letters every year from people across the lake asking if I will do some big display, i am planing to, but im getting a head start early because these things take time.
I have no clue how those people who have the displays, got their licenses, if they were required to. 
Thanks for the answers so far!

Marsh led2358 years ago
 License? For what?